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Home Study Course

Category : Seminar

Tiger & Dragon now offers a home study course.

on street self-defense and on mma defense.

You will be able to train at home at your own pace.

You will be able to test at home, to get belt rank.

Call now and order your at home course 954-746-0202



Women’s 6 week rape prevention course

Category : Seminar

Tiger & Dragon is offering a 6 week rape prevention program.



Chinese Kenpo Training Seminar

January 13,2018 Chinese Kenpo Work Shop
1-3 pm $45.00


Buddy plan you sign up and your buddy trains at half price
offer ends January 20,2018

Chinese Kenpo Work Shop January 13,2018


Training with Tiger & Dragon
I have been training with Tiger & Dragon for years and the moves I learn have saved my life more then once Ray- Miami-Dade PD


Training with Tiger & Dragon
I love training at Tiger & Dragon the workout is great lost 15 lbs Lisa G


Training with Tiger & Dragon
I started training with T&D karate when I got out of high school now I'm in law-enforcement and I can say that the training I got has saved my life on the street. Ozzie A